IILFC provides legal services and consultancy. Its provides legal advices to concern person/ body. Its pertinent to mention here that IILF provides special legal services and consultancy to the down trodden class, educational institutions, health institution and other social service group and institutions on the effective and cheap way.
IILFC proceeds all king of cases especially.

  • Criminal Cases:
    Proceeds all kind of criminal case including , theft, robbery, murder ,rap, corruption, fraud and misrepresentation etc.
  • Civil Cases :
    Proceeds all kind of civil nature cases including , declaration, possession, injunction, specific performance, inherent property patrician succession certificates, later of administration etc.
  • Family Cases:
    proceeds family reunion, court marriages, settlement, dissolution/ khula, minor marriages, inherent property , succession certificates, later of administration family maintains, appointment of guardian, dovery articles maters, custody of minors, etc.
  • Social crime :
    proceeds litigation against humanity . Child labors, public nuisance, public litigation, litigation against , government organizations/departments, charitable organization and so on, student and teacher matters, NGOs legal affairs .
  • Immigration cases :
    proceeds immigration cases in Pakistan and all around the world.
  • Service Cases:
    proceeds all king of Service matters in the concern forum
  • BUSINESS Cases:
    provides all kind of business services including court proceeding , compiling contracts, registration, tax matters etc.
  • Tax and Custom cases:
    proceeds all king of tax and Custom case in the concern forum. It includes tax depositing , tax returns , etc
  • Constitutional┬ácases :
    proceeds all king of petition against any law , legislation, customs, tradition, astute, etc which infringe human rights and dignity or has harmful implication to public ( children, women, minority, old age people, students, transgender, disables etc) .
  • Political Cases:
    proceeds all kind of political cases in the concerned forum including rigging , against using of unlawful means for gaining political advantages.
  • Religious Cases:
    proceeds religious matter in an proper and fair way, it includes religious law, inherent law, inherent cases , family cases etc.